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"There's more to being an Asian eyelid specialist than knowing how to make a crease."

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Asian eyelid plastic surgery encompasses a surprisingly long list of procedures for the eyelids and canthal regions, most with a common goal of making the eyes appear bigger, more expressive, and sometimes even more Western.

While the anatomic layers that comprise the Asian eyelid are the same as those found in the non-Asian lid, their arrangement and connections differ in important respects. These variations and distinctions make surgery on the Eastern lid so different from that on the Western lid that modern Asian double eyelid surgery bears little resemblance to European blepharoplasty.

Since Asian patients account for a small minority of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States, many American surgeons have limited experience working on the Asian eyelid. Many may thus offer a few simpler versions of operations, but only a small group of true specialists possess the experience and skills to provide a complete range of surgical options.

Get Started: Overview

First-Time Double Eyelid Surgery
Learn About Formation or Enhancement
of the Asian Upper Eyelid Crease

General Considerations
Asian Eyelid Anatomy
 Preoperative Crease Choices
About The Double Eyelid Operation
Operation in Photos
Operative Variations
Healing After Double Eyelid Surgery
Healing in Photos
Before and After Photos
Ten Frequently Asked Questions

Revision After Unsatisfactory
Double Eyelid Surgery
Learn About Correcting Problems
and Restoring a Natural Appearance

Risks & Potential Complications
How Precise is the Result?
Treatment of Complications
Consequences of Fat Removal
Revision to Address Multiple Folds
Revision to Lower & Reshape the Crease
Revision for Ptosis & Hollowness
Revison for Hollowness & Asymmetry
Reinflation Using Orbital Fat Grafting
Healing After Double Eyelid Revision

Orbital Fat Grafting in
the Asian Upper Eyelid
Learn About Upper Lid Hollowness,
Multiple Folds, and Premature Aging

Premature Aging in the Asian Upper Eyelid
Surgical Fat Loss in the Asian Upper Lid
Treatment Options for Asian Hollowness
Upper Hollowness in the Non-Asian Eyelid

Other Challenges In Asian Eyelid Surgery
Learn About Common Related Conditions

Ptosis Correction in the Asian Eyelid
Ptosis Correction - Advanced
Asian Lower Eyelid Surgery


Introduction to Asian Eyelid Surgery
An overview of Asian eye surgery

Clarification of "Asian" & "Occidental"
Definitions used in eyelid surgery

What Characterizes an Attractive Eyelid?
Irrespective of ethnicity

How Similar are Occidental & Asian Surgery?
"Double eyelid surgery" is more accurate


How Asian and Occidental Eyelids Differ
Anatomical considerations

The Asian Upper Eyelid Crease
Variations, terminology, facts

The Epicanthal Fold
The fold between the nose & eye


Preoperative Considerations
Options before undergoing surgery

Selecting An Eyelid Crease
On selecting a crease height & shape

Double Eyelid Surgery in Men
Special considerations in the male


Asian Upper Incisional Technique
How crease surgery is performed

Asian Upper Suture Methods
Simplified techniques

About Epicanthoplasty
Modification of the epicanthal fold

Experiencing Double Eyelid Surgery
During the operation & after


Double Eyelid Surgery Step-by-Step
Crease formation in young female

Epicanthoplasty Step-by-Step
Root Z-epicanthoplasty


Surgery Without Crease Formation
Surgery for tissue removal only

Stabilization of a Variable Crease
Fixing a crease that comes & goes

Surgery for Natural Crease Asymmetry
Correcting inborn crease imbalance

Surgery in Those of Mixed Descent
The Asian/Occidental eyelid


Care After Double Eyelid Surgery
Sample instructions

Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery
Later healing

The Eyelid Scar
About final healing

How Precise Are the Results?
Variations in final outcome


Healing in Photos - Female 1
Before surgery to one year after

Healing in Photos - Female 2
Before surgery to one year after

Healing in Photos - Male )
Before surgery to one year after

Healing in Photos - Female 3
Asian-European female

Scar Maturation Shown in Photos
Healing up to one year


Before and After Photos
Close-up views

Before and After Photos 2
Two-eye views

Before and After Photos 3
Viewed from all angles


Questions and Answers
Ten FAQs

Related Information
General information

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