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Scar Maturation After Upper Eyelid Surgery

Typically, the eyelid scar appears slightly corrugated and dimpled immediately after suture removal, a distortion that disappears within several days. Even during early healing, the scar is difficult for others to visualize because it lies buried in the depths of the crease.

The redness fades gradually to pink over several months, to a white harilline by six months, to a flesh tone by one year, and to nearly invisible after several years.

5 days after

Shortly after suture removal

2 weeks after

Scar beginning to smooth

4 weeks after

Some milia (cyst) formation

6 weeks after

Milia resolving without treatment

2 months after

Scar thinning along its middle

3 months after

Thinning extending nasally

6 months after

Most irregularity now gone

12 months after

Scar mature. While slightly visible, fading continues for several years to an almost imperceptible state


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