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On Setting Goals And
Expectations For Blepharoplasty
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"You don't want to try to look younger, because you'll look wrong. You dye your hair, you look wrong. You wear a bad toupee, you look wrong. You wear makeup to hide things, you get your eyes done, you look wrong."
-- George Clooney

"I look at someone's face, and I see the work before I see the person."
-- Cate Blanchett

Deciding How Much To Do

After all the consultations, recommendations, and price quotes comes the time to make a final decision on just how much to do. Sometimes there can be difficulty defining goals and expectations and then setting limits. This and the following three articles are presented to help you think about this process.

Considering how much bad celebrity plastic surgery is on display, one can't fault Mr. Clooney and Ms. Blanchett for their opinions. But does it have to be that way?

The eyelid region is not only the facial feature most affected by aging but also the most challenging area to restore to its natural bright expression. A skillfully performed blepharoplasty should enhance your appearance and leave your face looking still like you.

Your eyelids should neither feel nor look tight or call attention to themselves once healing is complete. Most close friends should only wonder whether you've had surgery. Casual acquaintances may ask you if you've cut your hair or lost a few pounds or just returned from a long vacation.

First-time acquaintances should think you've always had great looking eyes and not give your lids a second thought.

The proper goal of an eyelid lift should be to restore the vibrancy and expressiveness of the eyes as opposed to erasing each and every visible sign of aging or artificially "glamorizing" the face to a look it never had even when you were twenty.

While always hoping for a nice improvement, most realistic patients are not expecting to turn out looking like college sophomores. They want to appear more refreshed while looking natural and still recognizable. Most could care less about a few stray wrinkles or a "touch" of a tear trough (expected features on the face of even the most attractive forty year old).

minor eyelid flaws

Plus, be careful before eliminating a special "flaw" or slight imbalance that makes you, you. Sometimes it's these very imperfections that make a face special, more interesting, and more attractive. Once lost, they can never be regained.

The exotic "done" appearance of years past (highly arched brows, taut lower eyelid skin, hollowed-out fat pockets) is no longer consistent with the more modern desire to achieve a less obvious but more flattering enhancement that appears harmonious with the layout of the rest of the face.

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