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Sample Revision: Lower Eyelid Skin Graft
with Canthoplasty
severe lower retraction after blepharoplasty Risks & Revision experiencing blepharoplasty

Surgery photos

This patient presented with advanced lower eyelid retraction due to both skin and full-thickness eyelid shortage following a poorly-performed transcutaneous lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

The repair required providing new eyelid tissue and support by (1) grafting new skin obtained from a donor site located behind the patient's ear, and (2) reinforcing the eyelid's structural system by creating a "new" lateral canthal tendon (tarsal strip resuspension).

1. Before

2. Tarsal strip made, tight scar below incised

3. Strip attached to bone 4. First wound closed

5. Skin graft applied 6. Dressing over graft

7. Donor site behind ear 8. Pressure patch
9. Two months later

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