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Special Supplies You
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So you ventured online to try to determine what special supplies you need to buy before your upcoming eyelid surgery. Recommended mostly by sites that also happen to sell these very items (sometimes including your surgeon's office), your list turned out longer than you expected.

Well, here's some good news: you probably don't need to buy any of them.

Following is a list of supplies frequently recommended for patients about to undergo blepharoplasty. Based on our experience of over thirty years, none will make any material difference in your end result:

Overpriced and underpowered pre-operative vitamins and nutritional supplements offered separately or in special proprietary mixes formulated specifically for patients undergoing plastic surgery

Nearly identical overpriced and underpowered post-operative vitamins and supplements offered separately or in special proprietary mixes formulated specifically for patients who have undergone plastic surgery (yes, the before and after mixes may be slightly different)

Foam pillows, wedges, and rolls to fit under your head, neck, back, or whereever. "Memory foam" is often touted, not that it confers any advantage.

Special gel masks to use as either cold or warm compresses, sometimes with cut-outs in exactly the wrong places

Arnica and/or bromelain (discussed here)

Scar reduction creams, gels, and strips with or without magic compounds like peptides, silicone, and antioxidants (discussed here)

Oh, and don't forget this one:

Special benches and chairs to help you bathe or shower

So, what if your surgeon's assisstant insists that you have to use some of the items above? Since none of them will hurt anything other than your pocketbook, you'll need to decide whether it's worth the non-surgical (but nevetheless real risk) of starting off on the wrong foot with the staff.

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