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The Morning of
The Big Day 
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Instructions for
the Morning of Surgery


This sample is not intended to replace, supplement, clarify, or contradict your own surgeon's advice. Always follow only your own doctor's instructions and advice.

• Shower and shampoo the morning of surgery. Wash your eyebrows and thoroughly and remove all eyelid cosmetics.

• Do not reapply cosmetics to your eyelids or face.

• Do not wear jewelry, necklaces, wristwatches, hairpieces, false eyelashes, or contact lenses.

• Do not bring articles of value with you.

• Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes. Avoid tight collars or belts. Avoid long sleeves, which can interfere with blood pressure monitoring.

• If surgery is to be done with oral sedation alone in an office operating room, you may usually eat a light breakfast without caffeine. Limit fluids to one cup. (Since this policy may vary office to office, be sure to check ahead of time).

• For patients undergoing office surgery under oral sedation: If you use prescription medicines or eye drops on a regular basis, take your regular dose on the morning of surgery. This is especially important with blood pressure medicines. (Again, this policy may vary office to office).

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