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Instructions After Blepharoplasty 2:
Beginning the Next Morning  
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• Swelling usually reaches its maximum on the morning after surgery, while bruising may increase slightly for several more days.

the blues

• Slight bleeding coming from the incision is not uncommon, especially with increased activity.

• Discontinue the cold and begin warm compresses (using gauze or a clean washcloth) for several minutes three times a day (Note: Some doctors recommend continuation of cold compresses for several days.). A microwave may be used to heat a moistened washcloth (be careful not to overheat) or a gel pad made for this purpose.

• Reading or computer work may be difficult due to swelling and some slight blurring of your vision, but such activities are not harmful to your surgery.

• Keep the incisions clean by gently cleansing with moistened Q-tips or gauze. If water alone is not sufficient, a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted half and half with water may be used. If bleeding is activated, apply pressure.

• You may shower and wash your hair, but try to avoid getting soap in the incisions.

• Moderate activity may be resumed, although bending and straining should be avoided for at least three days.

• Driving may not be resumed until you are no longer using any narcotics.

• Easy exercise (slow walking) may be resumed after three or four days.

• Avoid vigorous exercise (fast walking, jogging) for at least three weeks and swimming for five weeks.

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