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Two Easy But Often Overlooked
Measures to Help Swelling Disappear
Instructions After best artificial tears

"To get rid of swelling . . . I put green tea bags on my eyelids. Or I grab a cold spoon that I leave in the freezer and put it on my eyes."
-- Shay Mitchell

Applying cold compresses and elevating your head above the level of your heart are common practices recommended in the period immediately after blepharoplasty. In addition, there are two simple but effective measures that can help swelling resolve faster in the weeks to come (and no, they are not what's suggested at the top of this page).

1. Limit Your Salt Intake

fast food

While most health-conscious people go easy on the salt, eating more prepared foods and "take-out" (which are loaded with salt) may seem more convenient after surgery than cooking up your own daily fare. A little salt on your meals is fine, but anything more may lead to fluid retention.

When your body retains fluid, areas of inflammation (like eyelids healing from an operation) are common targets for extra swelling.

Young people, notorious consumers of fast food, are the biggest offenders.

2. Resume Exercise Gradually and in Moderation

During the first week after surgery, it's easy to turn yourself into a couch-potato watching movie after movie (remember, skip the chips).

If you're normally more active, this routine grows old quickly and you'll find yourself yearning to get back to the gym. When you finally do, take it easy.

Vigorous aerobics and heavy straining can all increase swelling in the inflamed soft tissues of the eyelids and orbit. It's okay to give your body a break before training for your next triathlon.

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