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"I saw someone the other day with yellow on their eyelids, and it looked so fresh. So I bought some yellow eye shadow and noticed that when you mix it with water it works better. I tried it, and I looked like Big Bird."
-- Kelly Rowland

Once sutures have been removed and the swelling has begun to resolve, some patients may wish to try to camouflage any persistent post-operative discoloration. Camouflage is not recommended in the first few days after surgery while swelling and discoloration may be extreme; any result may look "different" but generally not "better".

In our experience, most patients choose not to go to any great extremes in attempting to camouflage bruising, and many of those who do report that it was "more trouble than it was worth." Some, however, love it and go all out!

not recommended
Warning: Not Recommended

Before using any sort of eyelid make up after blepharoplasty, be sure that your surgeon has given you the okay. If you apply color directly to an open wound, you risk not only the possibility of infection but also of permanent tattooing. Be sure to use a brand new bottle or tube to lessen the chance of contamination.

If the eyelids are still tender from surgery, application of an eyelid moisturizing cream may make the application of any makeup easier. The preferred method of application is by using a soft sponge or fresh cotton swab.

Thicker concealer-type camouflage products to cover discoloration include Dermablend, Cover FX, and Covermark. All come in a wide variety of shades intended to match the tone of your surrounding "normal" skin. Avoid too heavy an application or the result may look as obvious as what you are trying to conceal.

Lighter skin-tone concealers are made by most major cosmetic manufacturers.

If discoloration is not too dark, a regular foundation may be applied over a thin colored cream chosen to be the opposite of the color of the bruising. If the bruising is red, use of a thin green cream is effective. If the bruising is purple, use of a yellow cream hides better. If bruising is yellow, it means that it is almost gone, and you may wish to avoid anything more than your regular makeup.

Colored creams and sticks are made by several manufacturers, including Physician's Formula.

eyelid bruise

One situation where concealers can really come in handy is when any bruising is extremely asymmetrical, either because surgery was performed on only one side or . . . well, just because.

Avoid glittered or frosted eye shadow in early weeks after eyelid surgery. Such preparations may contain particles that can irritate healing skin.

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