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Blepharoplasty Before
and After Photos,
with Commentary

before and after blepharoplasty

"The only way to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear is to start with a silk sow."
-- Norman Ralph Augustinek

Before you can view before and after blepharoplasty photos with a well-informed eye, you first have to understand about surgical options and alternatives, what constitutes a good result, and, of course, safety and what can go wrong. Casually glancing down a page wallpapered with pictures may be interesting, but without critical ability doing so teaches little about the potential of different surgical approaches.

Each of the before-and-after blepharoplasty photo sets is followed by a short commentary analyzing the findings that justify the chosen surgical approach. Minus such explanation, viewing patient photos provides little more than entertainment.

While two-eye photos are more useful for judging symmetry, close-up photos make it much harder to hide imperfections. We prefer to blend the before and after images. The gradual morph from one state to the other allows the nuances of change to be much better appreciated than when scanning over a collection of side-by-side photos.

Young Female

Commentary: This young lady lacked a stable platform of exposed skin above the lashes on which to apply makeup. Only the tiniest amount of skin needed to be removed during upper blepharoplasty, after which the skin edges were closed using a "deep fixation" technique to firmly build and assure stabilization of a sharp crease.

Similar fixation techniques are used in Asian double eyelid surgery in which little or no skin needs to be excised to generate a permanent upper eyelid crease.

Only a small amount of fat was removed, while the orbicularis muscle was fully spared. Hollowing out the upper orbit in a young person is seldom a good idea.

Once you get good at scutinizing before and after photos, you'll begin to notice that many of the web's examples of upper and lower eyelid surgery results are surprisingly unimpressive, even though common sense would suggest that surgeons feature their best work. Many of the outcomes appear stark and unnatural. Many show hollowed out eyelids that are overly tight and angled. Not only will you learn to discriminate between the different operations but you'll soon begin to spot real differences in the results from different doctors.

While there's no particular order to what follows, patients with milder changes tend to be clustered near the top, while those with more advanced changes are closer to the bottom. The idea is to show a wide range of starting points, operations, and outcomes.

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