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Think "blepharoplasty" is an all-inclusive term used to denote surgery to remove skin, fat, and/or muscle from baggy eyelids? It used to be that simple, but those days are gone.

Today's cosmetic eye surgery is better thought of not as one specific operation but rather a diverse family of procedures that can be selectively employed to improve on the appearance of the upper and lower lids, each with its own variations and alternatives.

Along with such complexity comes a whole new language: medicalese, jargon intended for doctors rather than patients, unfamiliar (and sometimes unpronounceable) technical names, few with intuitive meanings. Minus a basic understanding of their significance, it can be hard or even impossible to research the subject without a heavy medical dictionary at your side.

What follows is a list of definitions for blepharoplasty operations and anatomical terms that often cause confusion. The definitions we provide are compact yet accurate and should help you to better understand the many advanced online discussions of blepharoplasty options found here and elsewhere.

To find many more related terms, visit our Blepharoplasty Glossary.

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