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This site differs from most others on blepharoplasty. It's an in-depth information resource designed to educate on the subject of eyelid surgery rather than market the services of a particular surgeon or group.

The weeks and months following blepharoplasty are clearly a stressful time for most cosmetic eyelid surgery patients. More than a few are inadequately prepared to cope with both the physical and emotional challenges of the immediate postoperative period and the seemingly endless uncertainties during the months spent waiting for final results to emerge.

Unfortunately, some surgeons are less communicative and supportive than others during this time, forcing their worried patients to scour social networking sites in search of tidbits of information, misinformation, expressions of consolation, and less-than-expert short answers to complex questions.

The following is a directory of resources on our site designed to help realistically educate those who have undergone or are about to undergo cosmetic blepharoplasty on both the biological process of healing after eyelid surgery and on how to evaluate and respond to common and not-so-common concerns and actual problems.

Instructions After Blepharoplasty
Review step-by-step sample instructions from the day of eyelid surgery until recovery is complete.

Photos: Healing After Blepharoplasty

View day-by-day photos of three patients recovering from eyelid plastic surgery, chemical peel, and canthoplasty.

Is This Ever Going To Heal?

Learn about swelling, bruising, itching, numbness & scarring.

Satisfaction Guaranteed?
Not every person will be delighted.

Healing After Asian Eyelid Surgery

Review special considerations following double eyelid surgery.

Photos: Healing After Asian Eyelid Surgery
Learn from photos from before surgery to one year after.

Maturation of the Upper Eyelid Scar

View scar healing month by month.

Healing & Recovery After Fat Graftin
Review guidelines after treatment for eyelid hollowness

Healing After Eyelid Chemical Peel
Learn about recovery after TCA eyelid chemical peel.

Two Easy Measures to Help Swelling

Tips to promote more rapid healing

The Best Eyedrops for Comfort

Learn about eye moisturization after surgery

Cosmetics After Blepharoplasty
On the use of skin moisturizers, concealers, and cosmetics.

Eyelid Skin Care and Prevention
On smoking, sun exposure, creams, gels, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Get Started: Is This
Ever Going to Heal?

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