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Orbital Fat Grafting for
Upper Eyelid Hollowness

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Advanced upper eye hollowness after blepharoplasty

Before orbital fat grafting
upper orbital fat 18 months
18 months after

Left Eye - Before Left Eye - After
Hollowness gone; brows higher and better inflated

View this patient's progress during healing

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Spontaneous hollowness in the mid-twenties
(no previous surgery)

Snapshot taken ten years earlier

Right eye: flat platform lacking crease (doll's eye)
Left eye: doubled high crease

Small-incision upper orbital pearl fat grafting


Progressive one-sided hollowing many years after tumor surgery

Before orbital fat graft After first graft After second graft
Before After second graft
six years after orbital fat grafting
Six years after orbital fat grafting


Hollowness after ill-advised upper
blepharoplasty on a lady in her early twenties


(1) Snapshot taken several months before blepharoplasty

(2) Two years after upper eyelid surgery
High, rounded creases have stripped away youthful identity shown above

(3) Same patient under less direct illumination
Fat loss has exposed the orbital bone contours. Eyes look and feel tired.


Nine months after orbital fat grafting
Restoration of volume above incision

two and one-half years after ofg
Same patient, 2 1/2 years after orbital fat grafting


Deep upper hollowness developing after viral infection


One year after upper orbital fat grafting x 2

Before (same patient, looking down)

Volume stable one year after

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