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Depressions Beneath The Eyelids: Tear Trough, Midface Descent, Dark Circles

Hollowness below the eyelid (that is, beginning just beneath the rim of the bony socket and below the red dots) is most typically due to upper cheek fat loss with secondary sagging of the cheek's upper muscles ("midface descent") and/or inadequate development and forward projection of the bone of the upper cheek ("bony hypoplasia").

Where the Eyelid Ends and the Cheek Begins
Exaggerated under-eye hollowness in the area between the rim of orbital bone and the side of the nose is sometimes referred to as a "tear trough." Technically, the tear trough is the "nasojugal fold," a normal anatomic indentation. If it becomes noticeably deepened, it is often called a "tear trough depression" . . .

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