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19: Canthopexy and canthoplasty
- Canthopexy and canthoplasty
- Canthopexy pros and cons
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- Canthoplasty surgery photos

Other names: Canthoplasty, tarsal strip resuspension, lateral canthal plication, tarsal sling, canthopexy, lateral retinacular suspension, inferior retinacular suspension

Terminology: While the terms canthoplasty and canthopexy are sometimes used interchangeably, the two procedures are very different.

"Canthoplasty" refers to a procedure designed to reinforce lower eyelid support by detaching the lateral canthal tendon from the orbital bone and constructing a replacement.

"Canthopexy," on the other hand, refers to a less invasive procedure designed to stabilize or reinforce the existing tendon (as well as surrounding structures) by surgical stitching without removing it from its normal attachment.

While their names may sound very similar, canthopexy and canthoplasty are very different procedures that are often confused, as explained in the following two videos.



Canthopexy and Canthoplasty:
What's the Difference?

Primary goal: Strengthening the tissues at the outer corner of the eyelids (lateral canthus) during blepharoplasty to better support the lower eyelid . . .

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