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Topic 26 - 1
Eyelid and Brow Tattooing:

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26: Surgical adjuncts & variations
- Eyelid and brow tattooing
- African-American blepharoplasty
- Asian double eyelid surgery
- Laser as a cutting tool
- Blepharoplasty for men
- Going stitchless
- Treating under-eye dark circles
- Latisse eyelash enhancement
- Eyelid tape or glue
- Cosmetic orbital decompression

27: General blepharoplasty topics
- Dry eyes & blepharoplasty
- Lasik & blepharoplasty

eyelid laser surgeryblepharoplasty risks and complications

Other names: Permanent eyeliner, permanent brows, blepharopigmentation

Primary goal: Placement of "permanent" color by tattooing ferrous oxide and other metallic pigments into the dermis of the eyelid skin

Secondary goals: Freedom from daily application of eyelid and/or brow cosmetics

permanent makeup

permanent eyeliner
After permanent eyeliner

Anesthesia: As the procedure is now most commonly performed by cosmetologists rather than physicians, anesthesia options are limited. A stiff drink may help.

Technique: Ideally, pigment is placed between the lashes as a series of closely-spaced dots rather than as a solid thick line, which may appear too stark.

Variations: Several brands of . . .

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