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Revision of Upper Eyelid
Blepharoplasty Complications 
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Cosmetic Complications

Many so-called "complications" of upper eyelid lift blepharoplasty are more accurately categorized as "patient dissatisfaction" or surprise with the final result (as opposed to true impairment of eyelid function or vision).

Such patient disappointment is most typically the result of:

• unrealistic expectations
• poor choice or execution of the procedure by an inexperienced surgeon
• asymmetric or overly high creases
• undercorrection

Unrealistic expectations is, obviously, a difficult problem to undue once surgery has been performed. The only effective "treatment" is a careful and honest discussion between the patient and surgeon about what can and cannot be achieved by blepharoplasty. It goes without saying that it is far preferable for such a talk to take place before rather than after surgery.

Poor execution by an inexperienced surgeon can create uneven results and excessive scarring. The best approach is referral to a more experienced eyelid surgeon, who may need to retrace most (if not all) of the steps of the operation and undertake revision as needed.

Poor result after upper
blepharoplasty one year earlier

Asymmetric or high creases, in which the creases of the two upper eyelids are unmatched in height or shape, is not a rare outcome. Sometimes the problem in unrelated to blepharoplasty, per se, but rather caused by a separate (but possibly unrecognized) problem that existed even before the operation, such as brow droop or ptosis. In these cases, a patient may elect to have these remaining deficiencies corrected with the appropriate additional surgical procedures or simply ignore the imbalance if it is mild. Keep in mind that small eyelid asymmetries are . . .

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