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The most popular pages on any cosmetic surgery website are always those showing before and after patient photos. However, many of the web's examples of eyelid surgery results appear surprisingly unimpressive, even though common sense would suggest that most surgeons feature only what they consider to be their best work.

Keep this in mind when evaluating photos and learn to be critical. Many of the outcomes you will find appear stark and unnatural. Many will show high, hollowed upper eyelid creases and overly tight and angled lower lids. None of this is desirable, yet many surgeons post precisely such photos as examples of their own sense of aesthetics and ability with eyelid surgery.

Before you can critically view before and after photos, you first have to understand about surgical options and alternatives, what constitutes a good result, and, of course, safety and what can go wrong. Casually glancing down a page covered with (often tiny) pictures may be easier and more entertaining, but it teaches little about the surgical procedures themselves or the types of surgeon training and experience required to achieve good results.

Before and After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Photos

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery Photos III and IV (two eyes)


Asian Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photos

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Photos 2 (two eyes)

Tissue-Sparing Upper Blepharoplasty
Tissue-Sparing Lower Blepharoplasty

Orbital Fat Grafting for Upper Hollowness
Orbital Fat Grafting for Lower Hollowness

Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning (arcus marginalis release)
Chemical Peel

Before and After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Videos

Droopy and Baggy Upper and Lower Eyelids
Lower Lid Pseudo-Bulging and an Upper Eyelid Skin Roll
• Healing After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery: Two Patients

Healing After Blepharoplasty Day-by-Day

Healing After Blepharoplasty, Chemical Peel, Canthoplasty
Healing After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery
Healing After Orbital Fat Grafting for Eyelid Hollowness

Complications After Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Retraction with Lagophthalmos

Advanced Lower Eyelid Retraction
Lower Eyelid Retraction with Hollowness
Lower Eyelid Retraction with Skin-Lid Shortage
Lower Eyelid Lumpiness After Free Fat Graft

Corrective Eyelid Surgery Pictures

Upper Ptosis Repair Photos

Lower Ectropion Repair Photos
• Lower Entropion Repair Photos
Lower Eyelid Retraction Repair Photos

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Operations Step-by-Step
Asian Double Eyelid Crease Revision

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